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Star’Glass company is industry leader not only in Russia but also internationally. Our lighting equipment is in use in many industries and economic spheres: transportation, power engineering, medicine, agriculture, petroleum and gas production, and public utilities.
We fulfill responsible tasks related to labor protection and safety maintenance of various industrial processes.
In modern Russia Star’Glass is the only manufacturer of high quality industrial color filters. Protective color filters produced by our plant defend eyes and at the same time let a worker observe and control various technological processes accompanied by high light radiation. Industry color filters are used for welding helmet production, in metallurgical enterprises whereupon defense of operator’s eyes from harmful radiation and powerful sources of light and heat is absolutely necessary.
Light technology products of Star’Glass meet the highest requirements for light-disperser, heat resistance, color saturation and safety of usage.
Star’Glass: we execute the important task - we make work easier and save human life.

Technical data:
Protective glasses of rectangular or circular cross-section of the customer’s size for welder's protective screen are accessible also.
Limiting size deviations: ±0,5 mm to diameter, ±1,0 mm– to wide & long. Thickness of light-filtering glass from 1.5 mm up to 3.5 mm, for light-filtering glass Ã-4, Ñ-4 – Ñ-11 from 1,5 to 4,0 mm

Considerable discounts for regular customers and wholesalers. The prices are specified on FOB & EXW- Bryansk region (Russia).
Notation conventions: (light-filtering glasses made from the TC-1 (classification number Â-1 by the size 52õ102) light-filtering glasses Â-1, 52õ102, ÎÑÒ 21-6-87

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