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For more than 200 years, being a recognized industry leader both in Russia and in the CIS, Star’Glass company has been producing colored sheet glass. Perfect quality of colored sheet glass has always been the motto of the plant throughout all of its history.
Nowadays Star’Glass company is happy to offer colored sheet glass of 39 shades with different surface texture: drawn, textured and figured. We can also offer unique drawn colorless glass with opal flashed.
This colored sheet glass is produced in accordance with the method of vertical drawing by 9 furnaces of “Furko” system, and thereafter it is colored in mass due to use of high-quality selenium-, cadmium-, cobaltic oxide-, manganese- and copper-based minerals.
Colored sheet glass under “Star’Glass” mark is used for glazing of light openings of different purposes in housing and office buildings for decorating of facades and interiors, for internal liner, and for producing window, door and decorative stained-glass window.
Since 2002 the plant of the Star’Glass company have begun output of exclusive color textured glass that is of the same quality and pattern characteristics as world’s famous antic mouth-blown textured glass brands.
All sheet and blown glass output of Star’Glass company meets requirements of valid standards, tendencies of design and your demanding taste, that makes us able to be competitive in the world market.
Star’Glass- we make the world brighter adding the game of color and mood to it!

The Sole Agent of JSC STAR GLASS in Yemen and in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula is:

"Ismail Mohamed Alhadremee & Sons" represented by:

Mohamed Ismail Alhadremee & Sons
Importers & Exporters and General Trade

Address        : Sana, Republic of Yemen
                 Zayed Street, Alhadremee Building
                 P.O. Box 904
Contact Person : Mr. Mohamed Ismail Alhadremee
                 General Manager

Telephone      : +967 1 563595
Telefax        : +967 1 220685
Mobile         : +967 777115367

E-mail         :

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