Sheet and blown glass
Glass blocks
Industrial glass products
Protective welding glass
House goods

catalog Industrial glass products Special heat-absorbing glass for medicine
Borosilicate glass (heat-resistant) Special heat-absorbing glass for medicine
Lighting products intended for usage in industry Vehicles lighting units
Glass domes for lamps of street lighting and high-rise blocks Lighting equipment for aerotechnics
Glass and color filters for floodlights Lighting units for river and sea transportation
Glass-dispersers for traffic lights Lighting equipment for railway transport
Special glass for technical purposes

Star’Glass company produces special heat-absorbing glass that is used in luminaries for surgical and operating rooms. That type of glass can retain heat radiation of incandescent lamps of high voltage and therefore, produces more powerful light, which is essential for conducting surgical operations.
Light technology products of Star’Glass meet the highest requirements for light-disperser, heat resistance, color saturation and safety of usage.
Star’Glass: we fulfill the important task - we lighten labor and save human life!

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