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catalog Industrial glass products Vehicles lighting units
Borosilicate glass (heat-resistant) Special heat-absorbing glass for medicine
Lighting products intended for usage in industry Vehicles lighting units
Glass domes for lamps of street lighting and high-rise blocks Lighting equipment for aerotechnics
Glass and color filters for floodlights Lighting units for river and sea transportation
Glass-dispersers for traffic lights Lighting equipment for railway transport
Special glass for technical purposes

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Star’Glass company produces light-diffusers for headlights and signal lights of all domestic cars and trucks. Our light-diffusers are set on the vehicles, including Lada, Niva, KAMAZ, MAZ brands.
Cooperation with the major research and development centers of Russian glass industry and qualified colleagues of Star’Glass which participate in experimental researches allow us to follow the latest scientific and technological developments.
At Srtar’Glass plant are set six modern computerized production lines of German’s Walter for high-quality automobile light-diffusers. Finished products pass through nine levels of quality control. All light-diffusers are electronically tested in Optronik SMS checking unit.
High consumer characteristics of Star’Glass products are verified by valid Russian certificates and regulations, and are used in all Russian car- and tractor assembling plants. Our chief counterparts both at home and abroad are world-known companies and their subsidiaries - Bosh, Fehr, Automotive Lighting, AvtoVaz and GAZ. Star’Glass also produces light diffusers for headlights and lamps used for military, medical and agricultural vehicles.
Our own molding equipment and two-century tradition of glass- melting allow us to modify article forms, size and colors at a consumer’s choice.
Light technology products of Star’Glass meet light-disperser, heat resistance, color saturation and safety of usage strictest requirements.
Whatever vehicle you choose to travel- car, train, sea-liner or aircraft, the products of Star’Glass guarantee your safety and comfort.

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