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Joint-Stock Company “Star’Glass”: Combining experience with innovations

Which of the domestic glass manufactures has 219 years experience and modern technologies, the widest variety of produced goods and perfect quality of products? Those who know the answer have already been for a long time or are going to become partners of glass Star’Glass plant that was established as early as in 1785. That year famous Russian manufacturer I.A.Maltsev founded Chernyatinsky glass plant not far from Bryansk city in Western Russia.
In 1999 Chernyatinsky glass plant received status of joint-stock company and was incorporated into a group of companies Star'Glass, which also includes "Steklofara" factory in Zaprudnja (Moscow region) as well as factory KlZTA in Klintsy (Bryansk region). Nowadays Joint-Stock company Star'Glass is an acknowledged leader of glass industry both in Russia and in the world.

“Any facts?”- You may ask…
Here are the facts. Today Star’Glass produces more than nine hundred types of world-class glass items made of forty-two sorts of glass, and exports them to thirty-nine countries all over the world as well as supplies millions of Russian consumers with glass products. Nine modern computerized equipment lines of German firm Walter have been set at the factory, and with that technical capacity it has practically no rivals in Europe…
Star’Glass plant has efficient molding equipment and foundry for making moulds. This foundry milling machine is equipped with tools of Knuth, Maxo, Ceva, Dekkel, and Boke. These machines use programme software supplied by Unigraphics and Pro-Engener. Twenty-four hours a day six laboratories’ experts maintain high-quality standards and finished products pass through nine levels of quality control…

“What about the acknowledgement in Russia and in the world?”
Here is the quotation: “For effective work, ability to work under difficult conditions and replenish State Treasury with full-weight rouble”- it’s an abstract from the award diploma text dated by January 2001 signed by the President of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin. The recent achievement of Star Glass is four diplomas which recognize company products belonging to 100 best Russian goods in 2001. Star’Glass is a participant to many exhibitions in Russia and abroad. That fact is marked off with the medal and special diploma “for active marketing policy” got from the Trade and Industry Chamber of Russia.
Another confirmation of company’s reputation and solidity was participation in the world’s biggest glass exhibition “GlassTec 2000” held in Dusseldorf where the products of Star’Glass company became a real sensation – nobody expected that glass of such quality and characteristics could be produced in Russia. “Today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today”- that is the motto of the company that conquers new positions in the domestic and international glass market. Our representative offices are open in Germany, Poland, Italy and Spain. One more important fact: at the winter Olympics 2002 in Salt-Lake City Star’Glass company was among general sponsors of the Russian national team. Having reached the success we help others to reach it!

“Where can one reach samples of our products?”
It’s very easy: one comes across our glass products every day. Our technical glass and bell-glasses are used for many industrial purposes such as office lights, street lamps or floodlight, as well as protection. Headlights glasses of all cars produced in Russia are supplied with light- diffusers made by Star’Glass, and while moving these vehicles are regulated by traffic lights with our color light-diffusers. Company’s color filters and special light glass that possess the widest technical capability are used in airplanes, ships, trains, cosmic devices, at plants, mines, hospitals and operating-rooms.
It’ s necessary to mention color stained-glass windows where color glass of our manufacture is used- you may enjoy seeing them in Moscow metro station Novoslobodskaya, or in interiors of Detskiy Mir supermarket, in State Kremlin Palace, in pavilions of Russian Trade - Exhibitional Center… it is also worth being mentioned that brightness and color saturation of stained-glass windows haven’t changed since that time! And some of these stained-glass windows were produced in 40-50s of the last century!

Everything that is produced at Star’Glass can be expressed like this: products of the best European quality at a reasonable price. Cooperation with the biggest science centers of Russian glass industry and qualified colleagues of Star’Glass in experimental researches allow us to follow the latest scientific and technological achievements. One of the results of this activity is the successful completion of strategic defense orders of Russian Government.
To produce constantly such a variety of glass of all possible characteristics, forms, sizes, colors and tints, 19 specialized furnaces work non-stop. 1500 people operate in 9 workshops. Almost all of our personnel are glass masters by family origin. The best of their skills and commitment to work is the base of Star’Glass future prosperity.

Whenever darkness surrounds you, the light put into our glass plant products illuminates your way and serves as reliable guiding star. When exploring new routes do not forget to mention our quality products’ creators …
The best of luck in all your intentions!

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