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In 1785 I.A. Maltsev, a Russian industrialist, founded the Chernyatinsky glass-melting factory that drew upon local deposits of sand, chalk, wood and ash. This is how manual production of window glass started.

In 1908 the factory became part of the Maltsev works and within the next 4 years underwent complete overhaul and renovation of its glass-melting furnaces. By 1914 700 employees produced 21.5 thousand of square meters of glass.

Taking into consideration the importance of the factory the Council of People’s Commissars nationalized the factory in 1918, and in 1929-30 it was reconstructed to replace manual labour in window glass production by machines. This is also the time when coloured sheets glass started being made manually to meet the needs of the Russian economy. The prewar level of window output grew 60 times as compared with 1914.

After the Bryansk area was liberated from nazi invaders, the workers restored the factory in 1946. Sustained efforts towards diversification have made the factory a highly profitable operation. The factory has never stopped allocating funds to reconstruct, improve and make the best of processes based on all-out mechanization and automation, to equip the operation with state-of-the-art gear, thereby maintaining high quality of products to meet the needs of most demanding customers. Price and marketing techniques are flexible.

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